gastroenterologie josephinum dr wallisch

Dr. med. Peter Wallisch

1989–1996 Medical School Technical University of Munich

Studies and practical training in England (Eastbourne), USA (Torrance, University of California, Los Angeles), Switzerland (Luzern) and South Africa (Groote-Schur Hospital, University of Capetown)

1996–2003 Training in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine, Klinikum Traunstein, Bavaria

2003–2005 Training in Gastroenterology

2005–2014 Senior Consultant Gastroenterology Klinikum Traunstein, Bavaria

Fellow of the European Board of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (FEBGH)

Fellow of the German Society for Sonography in Internal Medicine (DEGUM)

Fellow the German Society in Endoscopy and Imaging (DGE-BV)

Fellow of the German Society for Gastroenterology (DGVS)

Certificate Emergency Medicine and Radiation protection

Special interests: therapeutic-interventional and diagnostic, endoscopy endosonography, contrast-enhanced sonography, IBD, biliary- and pancreatic diseases