Überwachungsmonitor Sedierung (Schlafspritze), Gastroenterologie im Josephinum


Sedation naturally has a significant value in gastroenterological diagnosis and therapy.

It is our goal to conduct all of our examinations pain free, so that depending on need we can offer local anesthesia or general sedation. Local anesthesia offers pain free examinations with full consciousness, but is not sufficient for all procedures. In contrast sedation causes a condition of deep sleep with tolerance and insensitivity to pain stimuli. Application of clinical practice guidelines for sedation and careful monitoring of our patients is our standard practice.

Procedures to ensure the safety of our patients regarding sedation procedures in our practice:

  • Pre-interview with the physician to assess individual risks
  • Administration of modern sedatives by strict up-to-date protocol
  • Continuous observation by monitor (pulse, blood pressure, ECG, oxygen saturation
  • Continuous nasal oxygen therapy
  • Examination by a specialist with emergency/ intensive care experience
  • Assistance by a trained nurses and medical assistances
  • Complete emergency care supplies on site
  • Stand-by anesthesia by wish or necessity
  • Regular continuing education in sedation of the physicians and the endoscopy team