Range of services

Umfangreiches Leistungsspektrum, Darmspiegelung, Labordiagnostik, Gastroenterologie im Josephinum

In the doctors office swell as in our clinic: extensive care is guaranteed

We offer a very wide spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic gastroenterology and visceral medicine.

In our practice we treat outpatients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract including diseases of the liver, the biliary system with gallbladder and bile ducts and the pancreas. Should the illness be so severe as to require hospitalization, hospital beds in the Clinic Josephinum are available to us.

A notable advantage of our practice arises from the tight interlocking of outpatient gastroenterology with inpatient diagnosis and therapy.

Our intense interdisciplinary collaboration with the specialty units of the Clinic Josephinum, especially abdominal surgery, oncology, and radiology allows for comprehensive medical care.